Hello, meet Taomi

Taomi is an innovative tool for dual attention stimulus that integrates tactile, auditory, and ocular sensations.

With Taomi, the individual engages in three senses simultaneously by watching the ball travel across the channel, hearing the sound roll along the wood, and feeling the vibrations of the movement as it bounces back and forth.

These same senses are commonly referenced when engaging in bilateral stimulation and memory taxation, and are generally seen as alternating eye movements, tones, or tapping.

Taomi does all three simultaneously as a fully manual device further promoting engagement of the internal systems responsible for coordination and balance to synchronize the movement.

Taomi can be used with or without provider guidance with the end grips serving as control points for tilt assistance.

Taomi is hand crafted in the United States and arrives with everything needed to get started right away.

Enhance your practice, with Taomi