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"WOW! It's remarkable that such a simple tool can have such a profound impact. Very impressed!"

Tactile, Auditory & Ocular Movement Instrument

Taomi integrates touch, sound, and sight in a single multi-sensory device when engaging in therapies that utilize bilateral stimulation, dual attention stimulus, and memory taxation.


Taomi ships with three balls: stainless steel, rubber coated steel, and rubber. Each ball type yields a different sound, feel, and weight, allowing you to customize the client experience. Also included are a storage bag for the instruments and preinstalled sound dampeners.

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"Nice to not deal with batteries or wires. There's something so natural and direct about holding Taomi that gives a feeling of connectedness to the process." 

"There's nothing else like this out there. The feel and the sound is incredible. My clients love it. Thank you so much for making this."

"I love the feel of the wood. The only negative is that, after long sessions, it can start to feel kind of heavy, but then my patients have learned to use it by resting it along their legs. That turned out positive because it added another level of engagement."

How to order

Each Taomi is completed by hand and every order is personally managed. Please complete the Taomi Order Request Form below. If you're having trouble accessing the form, or want to ask any questions, or even just to chat about anything at all, please feel free to email me directly at taomi@bravohorizons.com, and I'll contact you as soon as possible. Thank you.